Finally… Back to School!




The Parker children were officially out of school for 6 weeks during our move.  We left Boise December 4th, and because of the Aramco Runaround, they didn’t get to start school before they let out here for Winter Break.  So, on January 12th both of the older kids got to start school.  And they did great!  Rhys started first grade with Miss Power and seems to be doing very well.  He is a bit behind curriculum-wise, so we are working to get him caught up, but I think we will manage.  LT, however, was placed in a K4 (pre-k) class and was significantly underwhelmed.  I think her exact words included, “lots of baby toys, none of the kids know how to share, and they don’t even have chapter books!”  We went and spoke to the school where everyone was very much on the side of “let’s get here where she belongs, regardless of her age” so she spent the week being pulled out of class and tested.  The following Monday (Sunday was a holiday here) we got a call saying that despite the fact that we are going to be gone for 4 weeks of this trimester, they would like to move her up to a kindergarten class!  She takes after her daddy – very smart little girl.  This is great for a couple of reasons.  She will be full-day, as opposed to her previous schedule of 12:45 – 3:30, which meant she spent the entire morning asking me how much longer till she could go to school… and she will be with older kids, whom she tends to get along better with.  It also means I have a big part of my day to spend with the baby, and he really has been neglected lately (um, never)… and Mark.  The kids also ride the bus to and from school, and home for lunch, so this way their schedules are synced up as opposed to overlapping.  It’s going to make the day a bit smoother for everyone.  It’s seems a bit odd to have your kids come all the way home for lunch, but with Mark not flying a whole lot right now, it’s nice to have the whole family together for a nice hot lunch every day.  The buses here are Mercedes Benz Buses, each complete with it’s own bus monitor and they all wear their seat belts.  It’s pretty darn amazing – especially considering our compound is only about 3 square miles!  I just can’t stop myself from quoting Ron White every morning as the bus pulls up…”Mercedes Benzzzzzz!”

Go Dolphins!

Go Dolphins!


New teachers

4 thoughts on “Finally… Back to School!

  1. OK…just because its your anniversary today doesn’t mean you can’t update the blog….I need some news here!!!!

  2. Costco size maple syrup..No? “ week we are off to Dubai..”!!! Love “our” trips. Keep them coming often. Love and see you soon.

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