I had grand visions of jetsetting… but today we’re all just jetlagging…

Every time we come home, I convince myself that it’s not going to be that bad.  And this time was no different… but I was wrong.  Again.

Even I knew better...

Even I knew better…

We returned from our three month summer break in the States on Aug 22nd.  Words of wisdom from fellow travelers say it takes 1 day per time zone change to fully recover from jet lag.  We’ve also found that coming this way (Eastbound) is multiple times more difficult than our trip going to the US.  We’re 9 hours ahead in Saudi, so that’s 9 days of exhaustion to be expected… and I’m not sure they factored in a two year old and a traveling husband.  We’re at exactly a week today, and I can promise you: it ain’t over yet.  This is one of the hardest parts of living abroad – transitioning from one place to the other.

The kiddos have adjusted really well – they’ve all been sleeping through the night for the past two nights.  I, however, cannot seem to sleep past 3:30am, although last night Mark came home from work at 2:00am, so I’ve been up since then.  The silver lining?  It’s 5:24am and I have bread baking, lunch and dinner made, breakfast prepped, I’ve made batches of enchilada sauce to freeze (random, yes, but very handy), and the kid’s playroom is now alphabetized and color coordinated.  And a blog post to boot!  I’ll feel very productive until about 11:00 when I crash.  The other bonus is that everyone on camp is going through the same thing.  Lots of families to commiserate with, and lots of help.  As usual, upon our return we had two homemade meals in our fridge and a basic stock of groceries from friends.  Because, honestly, they understand that there’s nothing worse than trying to get three kids loaded up in a car when it’s 118 degrees outside just to go get half & half so you can make your coffee and try and prop your eyes open with caffeine.

Look at those bags!

This was the only way he’d sleep… in my arms… for the first 4 days home

At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world, but woo… the struggle is real, kids.  It feels like I’m three martinis in all day long.  In the process of trying to use my time wisely and cook, I’ve managed to burn my hand cooking a frittata, throw a hot cake pan on the floor and totally obliterate the meringue cake that I had just baked, ruin three loaves of bread for multiple (yes, all different) reasons, and yesterday and I burned a pot of rice so badly that the fire alarm went off (oh, add that to things I did this morning: scrubbed a blackened pot for at least an hour).  It’s the dichotomy of being exhausted and trying to be productive.

My babies start school tomorrow, so hopefully their schedule will help me get back on track.  In the meantime, if you’re stateside and you want to chat, feel free to call… anytime… I’ll be awake!

One thought on “I had grand visions of jetsetting… but today we’re all just jetlagging…

  1. Oh my gosh….I’m totally exhausted reading it!! But it sure was a fun summer!!!! You’re pretty amazing! Glad you’re back safe and sound. Love you. xoxo

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